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A few weeks ago, we met Marcel at a panel discussion in Hamburg about “Social TV” where some “Makers” presented their ideas and discussed what is happening in the area of “Social TV”. As the SYZYGY Lab is always looking out for new developments, we decided to present Tweek, which is Marcel’s and his team’s project. They describe it as “your first access to TV entertainment!”. Others characterize Tweek as the Spotify of television. Whatever it is, we really like the App.

To give you a plainer understanding of it, we asked Marcel some questions...


How would you describe Tweek in a few sentences for people who have no clue what it is? Or: what makes Tweek unique in the lately hyped area of Social TV?

Tweek is the best TV guide you ever had. Tweek makes the discovery of video entertainment a truly personalized and individual experience. Don't be bored by TV anymore. Turn on Tweek and discover the best movies, tv shows, web contents and live events in your social TV Guide. Tweek is not trying to distract you from watching content- there is no Chat function- but would like to give you the access to quality content that you might actually like. You open Tweek, discover what you would like to watch and start watching it.
Tweek is the only product that combines live TV, catchup and video on demand in a single discovery experience. This makes it stand out against all other TV services. Especially in Germany, Tweek is the only product with an own, innovative product concept, not rebuilding concepts from the US and UK.


Tweek curates the TV program socially - do you see the danger that Tweek only recommends movies that are already in my mindset? How do you make sure that there is still a momentum of serendipity, that I stumble upon a movie I would have never thought about?

We see serendipity as a key success component for our discovery experience. You do not want to watch the same content or genre 24/7. You want to be inspired by your discovery product. You want the right content to find you.
A social discovery experience does not mean that it is limited to social data, only. The social data is just another important piece for an individual and personalized experience. It is a great add-on to know whom of your friends liked the content or what they say about it but it can not be the only data source.
Recommendation logic is all about big data. The more data you have, the more great ways and methods of recommendations you can provide for your users. Due to our unique setup of integrating the social web data layer straight from the beginning, we have about 8 million social data points, already. This is a great pool of data to offer a personalized discovery experience enriched by social data. You will see us innovate heavily in this space during the upcoming months.


I really like the design you’ve developed. The symbols remind me of the early-days of the digital age: pixels and a lot of colours. What is the idea behind your design-approach?

From day 1 we decided on 3 design principals:

  1. Lean back
    Our usage scenario for our iPad product is the evening, in front of the TV. You are exhausted by a long day and want to relax. Therefore, the UI needs to be easy. Examples for the easiness are short texts, explicit icons, focus on pictures and large click areas.
  2. Uniqueness
    Explicitly, we decided against standard components provided by the platform. Tweek is a unique and innovative product and we wanted the design and visual language to express just this.
  3. Outstanding Quality
    Everything we do, we do with a heavy design focus. This is at our very core. We want to create an outstanding beautiful and usable product.
    Example: When you share a tagline from within Tweek, we create your unique landing page with great art work and your personal statement which looks better than most movie advertisement pages out there. Also, we technically optimize those pages for all platforms such as smartphones or desktop browsers. When a friend checks your tagline on his or her iphone or android smartphone, it just looks beautiful. And this goes through all parts of our product and our communication channels. Also, every blog post we do via is well designed.




You just changed the design of the app-icon. Why is that?

2 main reasons:

  • The new icon is clear and easy to understand for a new visitor who just passes by in the AppStore and gives us an attention span of 1 second.
  • The new icon gives a better understanding what a user can expect from theTweek App. You can not put too much information into an icon. It has to be easy to understand. And even though Tweek offers so much more than the traditional TV program, the phrase TV still sums up ideally what we want to offer: The best lean back video entertainment experience you ever had. We still call our lean back approach: ‘TV’, even though you might be watching live stream or on demand videos.


I do not own an iPad and had to borrow one to test your app. Do you already have a schedule when Tweek will be available on other devices?

Yes, we have a schedule. We will add a 2nd platform very soon. Watch out for that! It's going to be awesome.


This is great news, I am looking forward...

For more infos about Tweek, follow them, like them, read them, use them...


The Tweek team

Sven Grammes (SYZYGY)
He studied Sociology and History but left the gilded cage of academic research to tap into digital innovation and to make people’s experiences with brands more exciting.