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1024 is the audio-visual branch of EXYZT which focuses on audio-visual installations. They work on the interactions between 1024 dimensions: space, sound, visual, light, body, architecture, city …

These video excerpts documenting are so good I had to embed a few of them here:

Some early tests for Etienne de Crecy's live performance. Video is projected on a 60*60 cm model of the actual scaffolding structure. Content is projected via custom QC software, controlled by the musician MPC in real-time.

Live performance, playing with an array of 20 Atomic 3000 stroboscopes.

Excerpt of the DATAWall stage installation, for the french electro musician DATA. Currently using french-made LED panels controlled via custom QC-based software. Fully audio-reactive, all the different scenes being controlled live by the musician (using Ableton Live).

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