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Maurizio Cattelan

Maurizio Cattelan


Italian-born Maurzio Cattelan is probably best known for his satirical and controversial sculptures. His sense of humor is always present in his work, which he uses to disredit and ridicule art in general, as well as the institutions that promote it. It’s because of this, combined with the fact that he never seems to be taking himself too seriously. He says that he became an artist because of the assured income and the attractive women.


In his current work, he feels secure that he can do what he wants. This is what he is doing. Sometimes he does nothing, as for example when he opened one of his exhibititions with an empty gallery and no artist. Other times, he steals from an artist of a neighbouring gallery, claiming the artwork as his own.




One of his best known sculptures, "La Nona Ora" consists of an effigy of Pope John Paul II in full ceremonial dress being crushed by a meteor and is a good example of his typically humorous approach to work.

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